Your Dog's Matted Hair Isn't Just Uncomfortable, It's Dangerous! A Veterinarian Created a New Tool That Eliminates the Painful Matted Hair in a Safe and Easy Way.

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We all wake up with different degrees of bed head. But when you are a dog, fuzzy hair can mean something much worse than just a bad hair day.

When we choose to have a pet, it should be one of the most important decisions of our lives since we’re  taking responsibility of caring for another living being.

They are loving and great companions for any person. But one of the major responsibilities that many owners overlook is the subject of their dog's health.

Did you know that you must brush the fur of your pet 1 to 3 times per week?  This is not just to make your furry friend look pretty. Actually, animals with long fur have a tendency of having knots  knots and it’s important to remove them because they create pain and discomfort, and they can lead to serious health risks for your dog.

Even if you’re already an avid brusher, STOP immediately, You may be worsening the state of your animal if you’re not using the right tools.

During an interview with Dr. Roberto Proietto, a veterinarian, he said:

"Brushing the fur with a simple brush doesn’t solve the problem. Actually, regular brushes only make the problem worse. They create bacterial infections, boost the knots and cause damage to the skin. That’s why it’s important to visit your veterinarian monthly."

The problem for many of us is that, as we know, consulting a veterinarian isn’t cheap. And no matter how much we want to treat our dogs well and keep them healthy, sometimes it’s complicated.

But there's hope! There’s a new device recently released, designed by a veterinarian that is capable of removing matted fur safely and in your home, leaving your dog healthier and pain free.

What is it?

It’s called PetGroomer, and it is the safest way of removing matted hair from of your four-legged friends, at home!

Unlike regular brushes, which only haul the fur and irritate the skin PetGroomer gets rid of knots without any pressure and without hurting your pet.

What makes PetGroomer so special and efficient are the motorized blades in its interior that cuts every knot safely.

The benefits of PetGroomer go way beyond leaving the fur of your animal pretty and shining. When the knots are removed, you are protecting your dog from diseases and skin infections, which are often the major reason behind odors and hair loss.

Another great news if you don’t like your house full of hair and smelling dog.

And if you're worried about the rotating blades, don’t be. PetGroomer was designed by a veterinary team and undoubtedly is completely safe.

How does PetGroomer work?

Unsing PetGroomer is really simple, as you can see on the images above. It is shaped like a brush. So to start, just gently brush the fur of your pet. And when you feel pressure or feel it getting stuck, simply press the button so the blades can safely remove the knot or the matted hair.

It’s important that you make sure your animal is familiar with the noise and comfortable before you begin. Try pushing the button a few times before starting. And remember, you must always brush in the direction of the hair for a softer experience.

Another benefit of PetGroomer is that is portable. It only requires two batteries so you can take it anywhere.

Those who have used it already say that it's an excellent option to keep your pet healthy with a shiny fur. Suse Picolo only has compliments to this device:

“I never thought that brushes could be so bad for the animals. My veterinarian explained to me that when the knots are removed by pulling, the affected skin gets irritated and causes massive pain. He syggested PetGroomer and it works so well. I only have to brush, and in a few seconds, the fur is shining, soft and pretty. I didn’t find it dangerous at all - I recommend it.”

Thousands of other clients sharing the same opinion of Suse. And many veterinarians are recommending this device to keep the fur of your pet healthy and shining, and your furry friend happy.

Check PetGroomer in action on the video below

A device like PetGroomer must be expensive...

What makes PetGroomer a fantastic device is its price-quality ratio. PetGroomer is the solution for those who don’t want to spend thousands with veterinarians but also want to keep their pets healthy and pretty. PetGroomer costs only €39.

Where can I buy it?

Just visit the official website and order your PetGroomer.


Since the recent boom of PetGroomer, the company is offering a 50% discount + free shipping for all the orders completed today. Guarantee your PetGroomer today for half of the price – and keep your pets healthy!

Our conclusion

For those who can’t take their animal to the vet, PetGroomer is an excellent tool that will make the fur of your dog pretty and healthy - PetGroomer was designed by veterinarians, and now this tool being recommended all over the world. Invest in the health of your pet because it is your best friend.


Benefits of using PetGroomer according to the reviews of other clients

  • Richard: Easy to use and makes the fur so pretty
  • Susane: Advised by my veterinarian
  • Camile: Makes the fur sleek and clean
  • Veronica: I noticed less hair loss if you use from two to three times per week
  • Daniel: Fantastic device, my dog gets delighted when we use PetGroomer
  • Mark: I bought one for my dog and my cat, they love it and their fur is beautiful
  • Claudia: Beautiful fur with less hair loss
  • David: Useful and effective.
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